PIPER Workshop

The first PIPER workshop has been organised on 8th September 2015, before the International Research Council on Biomechanics of Injury - IRCOBI conference (September 9-11) in Lyon, France. View the workshop presentations...

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PIPER Project

Position and Personalize Advanced Human Body Models for Injury Prediction

In passive safety, advanced Human Body Models for injury prediction based on the FE method have the potential to represent the population variability and to provide more accurate injury predictions than alternatives using global injury criteria.

However, these advanced HBM are underutilized in industrial R&D. Reasons include difficulties to position the models – which are typically only available in one posture – in actual vehicle environments, and the lack of model families to represent the population variability.

The main objective of the PIPER project will be to develop new tools to position and personalize these advanced HBM. By facilitating the generation of population and subject-specific HBM and their usage in production environments, the tools will enable new applications in industrial R&D for the design of restraint systems as well as new research applications.

This project is funded by the European Commission within the FP7 programme.
It is coordinated by the University of Lyon and gathers ten partners from five countries during three and a half year starting from November 1st 2013. The total budget of the project amounts 3,8 million euros for an EC funding of 2,9 million euros.


Results of the PIPER survey

The results of the online survey regarding software tools for positioning and personalizing human body models are now available

Child Occupant Protection workshop

Update on the ongoing child modeling effort in the EU PIPER project presented by Philippe Beillas at SAFER's seminar on Child occupant protection - Sept. 16 2015

PIPER Newsletter 2

Update on the PIPER project achievements to date, including the new internal release of the PIPER software and the semi-automatic segmentation pipeline for Statistical Shape Models.

Stapp Car Crash Journal & Conference

A communication entitled "Comparison of methods for personalization of global human body models" has been presented at the 59th Stapp Car Crash conference held on November 9-11, 2015 in New Orleans