Position and Personalize Advanced Human Body Models for Injury Prediction

Beta testing phase in progress…

A testing phase has started. It will allow users selected outside the project to get a first preview of the PIPER tool.
The objective is to identify possible gaps between user expectations and current functionalities, and to collect information about possible stability and usability issues. This information will be useful to define priorities for the upcoming months and prepare for the final release (which will differ significantly from the current version).
Executables of beta version (windows or linux) are provided to the testers with a few preliminary workflows showing the use of the tool with the GHBMC Male, the PIPER Child model or the Thums.
Beta testers were already selected and are contacted in three phases.

Licensing plan

The PIPER consortium has now selected licenses for the deliverables of the PIPER project.

All deliverables will be released under Open Source licenses at the end of the project (April 30, 2017). The licenses selected ensure that the software and models will remain Open and freely accessible for all (including both academic and commercial users). They will allow contributions by anyone such that the software and models can keep evolving. The licenses are also compatible with a commercial service business model.

More specifically:

Discussions are ongoing with commercial models owners regarding the distribution of the metadata required to import their models in the software framework.

Prior to the final release, the software and model will be available to some future users for beta testing under non-disclosure agreement.